Mixology audio CD




This CD is an accumulation of three short subjects that will impact your life forever.

This prayer was the introduction to the School of the Prophetic 101! It is to teach the blood bought saints of God how to establish a precedent in bringing the presence and favor of our Lord into our homes, meetings, and even into our daily work places.

Prophetic Giving
How do you treat the offering? Is it with complacency, or with precision intent? Is it a tool for defeating poverty, or an action that is out of obligation because others are doing it in a meeting? Learn how this act of giving can and will release your finances into greater, as you offering is good seed and it is going into good soil.

The Diamond of the Lord
This abbreviated teaching is to show the saints of God how we can establish safety in traveling, by using the example of the wings of the Cherubim over the are of the covenant, which is called the Diamond of the Lord.